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Running Records

TOTAL:    46,656.85 miles

Note: Years with a " * " notate substantial portions of the year where mileage was not tracked.

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My Marathons

My Marathons

Underwater treadmill after meniscus repair

18min 5k while pushing my son in stroller

My Wife's Marathons

My Wife's Marathons

Masters (Age 40+) Prs

Master's Personal Records

other Notable Races

Other Notable Races

Note. Races in Ireland I competed for the University of Limerick Athletics Club; races in England & Scotland I completed for the University of Edinburgh Hare & Hounds Running Club.

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Sampling of Races I have Run Around the World

Sampling of U.S. Cities where I have Run Road, Trail, or Track Races

(ranging from 5k to the Marathon)

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VO2max Scores

VO2max Scores

VO2max test (Astrand protocol), Grove City College

VO2max test (Bruce protocol), Logan College

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% Body Fat

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